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These beautiful Amstaffs were part of our breeding program.
Now they enjoy the family life.



Kan Trace Unforgettable Fire

Fabrilla Funky Girl

Moon Shadow Wild Dragons

W.B.MF Kristal's Tail

Ch. Gold Mask California Dream

Kali Girl Diva Sting

JCh. Gold Mask In The Wood

Gold Mask Miami

Pandora Gold Mask Wild Dragons

Gold Mask Hollywood

Ruffwood A Black Dragoness of Florida

Ch. Pin-Up Wild Dragons

Wis Wood Indian Flame for Gold Mask

Gold Mask Dance Dragon

Gold Mask Magic Dragon

Forest Dragon GM America

Forest Dragon GM Countdown Baby  


Thanks to you for having been part of our family and helped us to carry our project forward.
You have crossed the rainbow bridge. You are so very missed.



Chewy Cheeks


Ez Power Blue Wild Dragons

Ch. Gold Mask Wild Dragons

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